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wedding Table , car decoration & ceremony flowers - 2 Days course

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Two days intensive course
 you will learn how to decorate and arrange flowers for occasions, especially for weddings.
you will display several themes for wedding parties (gypsy & Garden theme)
First Day: Garden theme you will learn the basics of choosing tools and colors for occasions and then go into the details of the ceremony From the wedding arch that you will decorate from beginning ... and you will learn a lot of smart ideas for decorating the entrance of the event place, Decorating bridal chairs, and table weddings ( flowers for the tables, candles, and fabrics) Second DAY: bohemian style
begin with ANOTHER STYLE of wedding table that you will decorate with fresh & Dried flowers, then you add accessories
, candles , napkins, and a cloud of flowers above the table.SAVE_20200429_130914.jpg
you will learn how to decorate flowers for wedding car , by three types of car decorations
, another style of table decoration with a cloud flowers and accessories for the table
on the end you will learn to make a new style of bridal bouquet.

what i will get from this course?
- a small book of flowers ( with names, pictures, seasons of flowers)
- a file of names and phone numbers of suppliers of flowers and related decorations).

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01/03/2023 + 08/03/2023