Rawan Florist

About Us

My story began in 2015 when I learned to coordinate parties at the Hebrew University. During my education there was a meeting with a flower coordinator for one day only !!!, and I discovered that this is my place !!!  From here I began to integrate in this field and traveled to the Netherlands and Germany and continued my education at the hands of skilled coordinators. I worked with many local and international coordinators. And now I own a flower arrangement school, whose main goal was to change the idea and culture of natural flowers in our society and create job opportunities for many individuals.

In addition to that, a flower shop has been incorporated through which we meet all the products that customers require for all their occasions in addition to chocolates and others .. As for events, we rely on our arrangements on special themes that we choose with customers. The choice of colors and decoration is not done randomly, but with proper planning to obtain a satisfactory result. Today, we coordinate parties for institutions, individuals and restaurants ... We rely on natural fresh and dried flowers for our work.