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floristry 101 for beginners -2023 - New in Ramallah

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For those who want a future career in the world of flowers


Floristy 101 for beginners

Who is this course for?

For the hobbyist, for flower lovers, and especially for those who want a future career in the world of flowers, whether to open their own shop or work in flower shops


What will I learn in this course?

- We will learn the basic modern and traditional techniques that are introduced in the field of flower arranging, so we will be;

- Making flower bouquets for clients and events

- Arrangements for modern and classic tables for occasions and customers

-Rustic arrangements using fruits/vegetables and combined with flowers

- Wreaths for the head for occasions and taking in consideration the difference of age

Bride's bouquets with spirala and microphone techniques.


What does this course include?

In the first meeting, we will learn about the nature of flowers and how to deal with them when receiving them from the farmer.

And we will learn about the tools of flower coordinators, types of sponges, color theory, important basics in flower arrangement, how to match the bride's bouquet to her length and weight, how to use smart solutions and save extra cost when coordinating, how to pricing, how do I market myself as a florist?

 What will I get in this course?

Each participant will be given his own tools for coordination.- Each participant in each meeting has his own tools such as vases, sponges, flowers, wires ... and everything related to work tools.At the end of each meeting, the participants take the coordination they have made.A lecture with Dr. Saeed Sabry (How do I market myself as a flower coordinator?)Giving each participant an encyclopedia that includes pictures and names of flowers, their colors, and how to deal with them.- A list of the names of merchants (dealers of roses, vases, coordination tools, balloons...)At the end of the course, each participant receives a flower coordinator certificate, that he has completed 30 training hours from the flower arrangement school.

    We will learn how to format: Classic bridal bouquets with microphone technology

 Flower bouquets for occasions using spirala technique Classic, modern and plastic table formats wreaths flower balls rustic flower baskets

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