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New course** floral & balloons arrangements for events and marketing photography

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A professional course that combines the world of flowers and balloon art in one place!!

.Depending on the current market demand for flowers and balloons in event arrangement, we will use two important elementsand 
You gonna win two professions in one session!!

Course program:

First day:

Focusing on  the basics of using balloons and getting to know this important profession with instructor (Shams),
and then we will arrange a spiral bridal bouquet .
Are these professions useful to me in the labor market? Will I make a good income from it?

second day:
We will make a circle arch for a party/event, where we will learn how to combine flowers with balloons in the same circle stand.

And then we will made flowers stands for the entrance to the ceremony and how to merge balloons with it.

How to choose the colors of balloons and flowers?

What kinds of balloons to use?

How do I deal with natural flowers?

How to use tools at lower costs

 third day:

We will make half arch  of balloons and add flowers and fabrics as extra accessories for 3 hours

Then we will make a box of natural flowers with the modern group technique, add balloons, and learn how to print on them

Fourth day:
We will make a runner arrangement on the table, where we will make the balloons in the form of a chain and add flowers 
then we will arrange the table for dinner party. Organizing chairs with flowers and then making a cloud of flowers over the table to create a striking dramatic atmosphere Course duration: 4 intensive sessions Duration of the meeting: between 4-6 hours Each meeting will start at 10:00
Important - if you are buying this workshop for someone else we require their name and contact information,
 please provide this at the checkout or contact our team.

fees registration 200 shekles

what to bring with me?
your smile and passion to learn

** wear comfortable clothes and shoes

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4 classes